Malaysian Association of Money Services Business

Ministry of Finance (MOF)

8 April 2021

The Secretariat had a meeting with the Setiausaha Kanan (SUK) Mohd Shahar Abdullah – Deputy Minister of Finance 2 and Encik Mohd Azim in Putra Jaya.

The meeting was held to discuss the eligibility of our members for PSU 3.0 and also the appeal for members whose applications were rejected for PSU 2.0. We also discussed on the appeal to HRDF on the mandatory registration of MSB providers and proposed a meeting with JPM.

29 January 2021

The President and CEO of MAMSB met the Deputy Finance Minister 2 in person in Putrajaya to discuss how to mobilise PSU 2.0 and 3.0 for members. The discussion with the Minister was also to highlight loan criteria and eligibility of members for Penjana SME loan and rental rebates for members with mall landlords. The meeting included discussion on the decision to include MSB as a sub-sector of MOTAC.